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:iconmahboiplz:Mah boi! This club is dedicated to the King of Hyrule, King Harkinian (aka The King). This club is what all true warriors strive for, and it's currently wondering what's for dinner :lol:

For those who wish to join this club:
First, go and scrub all the floors in Hyrule! :lmao:
Second, Hail to the King, baby. XD
Third, Only Original ART of or with King Harkinian Hyrule will be accepted.

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YTP videos

:bulletred: YouTube Poops:

:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: The King Punch-Out!!!
:bulletyellow: The King sings the Brawl Theme
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - King Wants to play Wii
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Don't make the King mad!
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Link Has Sex With Zelda
:bulletyellow: King Harkinian Purchases Sky Plus
:bulletyellow: Turbo CD-I Cartoon
:bulletyellow: The King Does Stuff!: Episode 1
:bulletyellow: The King Does Stuff!: Episode 2
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - I Could Eat Your Face
:bulletyellow: Link will fuck your face.
:bulletyellow: Youtube poop: Link the murderer
:bulletyellow: [YTP] - Faces of Dinner
:bulletyellow: Youtube poop the dinner blaster lol *RE-UPLOAD*
:bulletyellow: Dinner Blaster 2
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Christmas Special
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Zelda: The Cowardly King
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The King is Overthrown
:bulletyellow: Greatest Dinner in Koridie
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Zelda: The King's Unreasonable Demands
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop / Final Fantasy Parody - Final Spaghetti
:bulletyellow: Final Spaghetti II (Part 1; Part 2)
:bulletyellow: YTP Cartoon: MUNF MUNF!
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The King Uses a Handheld Portal Device
:bulletyellow: YOUTUBE POOP - Ganon takes over the Anime bussiness
:bulletyellow: The King's Epic Adventure part 1
:bulletyellow: The King's Epic Adventure Part 2 - Dieman's stage (video one; video two)
:bulletyellow: YTP: The King's Adventure
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Chocolate Storm
:bulletyellow: Paper King and the spaghetti door
:bulletyellow: Super King Kart
:bulletyellow: The King sings the Bowser Battle Chorus
:bulletyellow: Short Poop:King meets WEEGEE.
:bulletyellow: STAR POOP EP.I:Weegees Wars
:bulletyellow: Soul Calibur 4: King Harkinian vs CD-i Link
:bulletyellow: Zelda CD-I Live Action With original voices
:bulletyellow: CD-iClone - Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
:bulletyellow: Sims 2 Zelda cdi Faces Of Evil.
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The Cake is a Lie (Part 1 and Part 2)
:bulletyellow: YTP Headcrabs Poop in Hyrule
:bulletyellow: only link can eat gannon
:bulletyellow: The king and link argue about dinner
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Strive for Love (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Finale (1/2); Finale (2/2))
:bulletyellow: I made the "Wand Of Gamelon" cutscenes even better
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The king hates Munf Munf.
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The king will have crispy bacon for dinner
:bulletyellow: YTP: CD-i PINGAS
:bulletyellow: YTP: Silent CD-i
:bulletyellow: YTP: CD-i Craziness
:bulletyellow: youtube poop: the dinner is under attack!!
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Even Moar Randomness
:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: Robotnik's big surprise...
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Link vs. The King
:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: Zelda Intro (Nouns in Reverse Order)
:bulletyellow: Faces of evil intro with reversed sentences & subtitles
:bulletyellow: Zelda-Faces of Evil Intro (Nouns Replaced by "My Boy")
:bulletyellow: YTP: Link has no pingas
:bulletyellow: Link infected all with Sparta
:bulletyellow: mah boi in 7 languages
:bulletyellow: Faces of evil azumanga daioh
:bulletyellow: Wand of Gamelon azumanga daioh (casting for the clip)
:bulletyellow: Mah boi: Around the world
:bulletyellow: YTP: Here's the Traitor
:bulletyellow: YTP: Here's the Traitor 2
:bulletyellow: The Link CD-I people sing about dinosaurs
:bulletyellow: the king makes people mad
:bulletyellow: The King Watches The Caramelldansen On Youtube
:bulletyellow: Over Nine Thousand Toasters (High-Figh)
:bulletyellow: The Evil Faces of The King ( Over Nine Thousand Toasters II )
:bulletyellow: The Evil Faces of The King - The Alternate Ending
:bulletyellow: Trailer for Over Nine Thousand Toasters III
:bulletyellow: A Hyrule Christmas
:bulletyellow: The King Tries To Watch Rock TV
:bulletyellow: Tennis: Mahboi Shock 2
:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: Super King Bros.
:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: King Vs. Weegee - The Epic Battle
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Link's game of Hot Potato ends in Disaster
:bulletyellow: When The King Discovered YouTube Poop
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Link's on Strike
:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: MUNF MUNF Spoof
:bulletyellow: The British King
:bulletyellow: YTP: LUNCH
:bulletyellow: Super Koridai Bros
:bulletyellow: YTP: Religion in Hyrule
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The Zelda Crew meets Beetlejuice
:bulletyellow: The King Downloads Sony Vegas
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: CDI Missing Cutscenes
:bulletyellow: YouTube Poop: Beta Channel Design SUCKS!!!!!!!(Read description before commenting!!)
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Hyrule Dating Videos
:bulletyellow: King in Space
:bulletyellow: Quick Western..
:bulletyellow: Project Super Link - Teaser
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - The King travels through Random Places While I play Somewhat Fitting Music
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop - Ice Cream for Dinner Pt. 2
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian uses all his Wit and Cunning to Escape from Ganon
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop : Link's First Kiss?
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Link is Starfox?!
:bulletyellow: King Harkinian becomes 666-bit
:bulletyellow: King Harkinian Becomes 34795693349-bit!
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian is Overwhelmed
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Gwonam is Suicidal
:bulletyellow: YTP: Bison and the King do Battle
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian goes to Gamelon
:bulletyellow: YTP: Impa Sickens Everybody
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: The Twisted Sex Games of Duke Onkled
:bulletyellow: YTP: George and the King do Battle
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian does not Intervene
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Link's Sexual Frustration
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian Attempts to Secure a Sexual Partner for Duke Onkled
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian Breaks the Mold
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian gets his Penis Stuck in a Door
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian's Reign of Terror
:bulletyellow: YTP - You dare not agree with The King
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: If King were Gay
:bulletyellow: Final Fantasy CD-i: The King's Quest
:bulletyellow: Final Fantasy 6 - Battle with The King
:bulletyellow: ...Could This Be the Best poop ever?
:bulletyellow: The King can't speak English!
:bulletyellow: The King STILL can't speak English!
:bulletyellow: The King is the Internet
:bulletyellow: The kings nightmare
:bulletyellow: Kingee
:bulletyellow: The king breaks his wine cup
:bulletyellow: everybody loves hypno king
:bulletyellow: Grand Theft Auto IV: King Harkinian's trip to Liberty City (Short YTP at end of video)
:bulletyellow: YTP - Jaws In Hyrule
:bulletyellow: This Video will Give you Confusion
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: IMMA FIRIN MAH TAZOR!!
:bulletyellow: This won't even scare a BABY!
:bulletyellow: YTP: The King is... Everywhere!
:bulletyellow: YTP This is What All True Poops Strive For!
:bulletyellow: =O
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: Hyrule has a chocolate related holiday
:bulletyellow: King Crisis Part 2
:bulletyellow: King Crisis 2: Project Pie-Ass (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)
:bulletyellow: King Crisis 3: Inferno (Part 1; Part 2)
:bulletyellow: YTP: Dinner Adventure
:bulletyellow: YTP: Dinner is too much expensive
:bulletyellow: The King Leaves the Stove on
:bulletyellow: The King Gets Depressed
:bulletyellow: Youtube Poop: King Harkinian and Gwonam go Fishing
:bulletyellow: The King - reuploaded
:bulletyellow: Apoopcalypse Now! V2.1
:bulletyellow: I.M.Meen makes his move while Link failed to escape from his crime
:bulletyellow: YTP : Link and the King vs. Kanye West (pt.2)
:bulletyellow: YTP - Zelda Wants Coffee
:bulletyellow: YTP - Free Dinner Report . com, Baby...
:bulletyellow: Timahtei
[Bullet; Yellow] Oh, For The Love of...
[Bullet; Yellow] YTP - Makeover 2
[Bullet; Yellow] YouTube Poop - The King watches a Screamer
[Bullet; Yellow] Phillips CD-i is AWESOME
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: Awesome Philips is CD-i
[Bullet; Yellow] Amv Hell: Youtube poop edition (1, 3, 4)
[Bullet; Yellow] Squadalah Fuc* OFF!
[Bullet; Yellow] YTP - The King Goes To Dinner (part 1)
[Bullet; Yellow] YTP: The king wants to eat Zelda (part 1; part 2)
[Bullet; Yellow] The King vs. Chad Warden (1; 2)
[Bullet; Yellow] Kingcube
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop Short: The King Gets A Lightsaber
[Bullet; Yellow] What Happens When King Harkinian Gets His Pills
[Bullet; Yellow] King Harkinian Goes to War
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Doesn't Know What's Going On
[Bullet; Yellow] Gwonam Sells His Carpet
[Bullet; Yellow] So I herd u liek KingKipz
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Watches TV for a Month
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Entertains
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Goes Back in Time
[Bullet; Yellow] Merry Christmas from Hyrule
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Hates I. Fleecem
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Eats Duke Onkled's Dinner
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: The King Steals Gwonams Parking Spaces
[Bullet; Yellow] The King Is Missing: Link Is Not Your Majesty
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: The king is a traitor
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop Short: Shave the King
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: The birds are coming!
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: The King Was Frozen Today
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop- Why You Should never Reverse Roles
[Bullet; Yellow] YTP: The King Wants His Reeces' Pieces
[Bullet; Yellow] The King does what he wants cause a pirate is free - he is a pirate! Also: Filler

[Bullet; Red] YTPMVs:
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Scrub Scrub Scrub by King Harkinian
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - U.N. Owen was MAH BOI?! (Mah Boi Insanity)
[Bullet; Yellow] The King does a Leekspin!
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: The King Has a Very Fine LeekRave of Excellent Spinning (AKA: Leek Rave)
[Bullet; Yellow] King K. Harkinian
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Random YTP Quotes
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Random YTP Quotes 2
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - What's for dinner for?
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: even more random quotes
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV-The King's Gangsta Rap
[Bullet; Yellow] Ganon's Rap
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: 4 2 4 2 1 (CD-i Zelda)
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Sing Like The King
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: Dinner, Pingas! (Improved)
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: King Harkinian's touching, heartfelt musical number
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: Part of Mah BOIII: full version
[Bullet; Yellow] [YTPMV]-Oh Link Mah Boi
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: Dinner, Father, Toaster, Richer
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: King Harkinian is currently under pressure by his Psyche Lock
[Bullet; Yellow] "Chocolate BOI" Original Song by King Harkinian
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: Wand Of Gourmetlon
[Bullet; Yellow] Harkinescence - Bring King to life
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Schicke Link
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: Enough Already! (Nuf Nuf)
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Take King Out
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV: The King's MAH coin operated BOIII!!
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: The King's American Idol Audition!!!
[Bullet; Yellow]Mah boi Around the World
[Bullet; Yellow] 【レッドゾーン】MAH BOI ZONE
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - King Franz Harkinand - Do Ya Wanna

[Bullet; Red] Search on YouTube for these:
[Bullet; Yellow] Mama Luigi and the Unfitting Music ( Over Nine Thousand Toasters III )
[Bullet; Yellow] CD-iClone - Zelda: Faces of Evil
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop - Ice Cream for Dinner
[Bullet; Yellow] What is Mah Boi? -DX Version-
[Bullet; Yellow] Dancing Dinner (dancing mad remix)
[Bullet; Yellow] King Crisis Part 1
[Bullet; Yellow] YTP : Link and the King vs. Kanye West (pt.1)
[Bullet; Yellow] YTPMV - Harkinian`s Rhyme
[Bullet; Yellow] Amv Hell 2: Youtube poop edition
[Bullet; Yellow] Youtube Poop: Pikachu in Hyrule
[Bullet; Yellow] Hotel mario the story plot in Engrish (Ytp style)

[Bullet; Red] Recommended by the King:
[Bullet; Yellow] ENGINEER IS KING
This is an update to let everyone know that the group is still active.
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Yes, but it MUST have the king in EVERY submission. Club rules.
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